Birding 101 – starts now.

Skydiving by Gerard (Flickr)

by Gunnar Engblom on January 2, 2013

Jumping! We are the end of the intros and the beginning of the start. I am about to present the plan of the e-book and the blog series that will build it.  In a way it feels like I imagine parachuting feels like. A great abyss below me and I still jump – hoping the […]


The rewards of birding

Wallace's Fruit-Dove. Mehd Halaouate

by Gunnar Engblom on December 28, 2012

9000 birds on his list! How do you measure your success as a birder?  How do you get recognition of other birders and non-birders? Is there some sort of measurement to quantify the experience? The easiest way, is to keep track of how many birds you had seen. The number allows you to compare yourself with other […]


Digital photography – nature watching revolution.

Digital photography.

by Gunnar Engblom on December 22, 2012

In the 6th Birding 101 intro post digital photography is presented as the catalyst which will make nature watching around the world massive. It is already happening.


How to start birding. Intro 3.

Canon Powershot SX40

by Gunnar Engblom on September 12, 2012

How to inspire a kid to get interested in birds and nature. Say you have kids and you really would like them to become more interested in nature, but they are more into to TV and computer games.  You are tearing your hair with the potato couch kid. You read some manuals about birding, which […]


How to start birding? Intro1.

Bins, notebook and field guide.

by Gunnar Engblom on September 7, 2012

Old school birding vs birding in the digital age. Don’t listen to the old school to in for of birding! You don’t need a field guide, you don’t need a mentor to guide you and you don’t even need binoculars to start birding. You just need a point and shoot camera and an internet connection to get started. […]