January 2013

Feeding the birds – winter.

White-breasted Nuthatch on suet. Deborah Jean Cohen

by Gunnar Engblom on January 24, 2013

Close encounters with birds. If you really want to enjoy the birds close up there is nothing that beats feeding the birds. You get the birds so close you can study them with your bare eyes or take photos of them with you cell phone or a point and shoot camera. Providing you have a […]


Birding 101 Hangout Friday 3pm EST.

Kids on Fence. Richard Crossley. Used with permission. www.Crossleybooks.com

by Gunnar Engblom on January 18, 2013

How will birdwatching be 10 years from now? The first intro posts in this series produced a stir among some birders. How can an experienced birder say that you don’t need binoculars and a field guide to start birding?  Testimonials in the comment section of this blog have however proved this assertion is correct. Many […]


Birding with a Point & Shoot Camera.

by Stephen Ingraham on January 15, 2013

Post image for Birding with a Point & Shoot Camera.

Once upon a time, $25,000 and 35 pounds. Once upon a time, oh, about 5 years ago, if you wanted to take satisfying photos of birds, you invested about $25,000 in equipment, which weighed about 35 pounds including a tripod or two, and you spent a lot of time in the field learning enough about […]


Birding on Web

House Finch and Goldfinch. Not so easy to ID if not in breeding plumage. Photo:: Sarowan.

by Gunnar Engblom on January 9, 2013

Curiosity The intro chapters stated that you don’t need binoculars and a field guide to start birding, just an internet connection and a point and shoot camera would suffice. Wrong!  All you need is curiosity. You look at birds with your bare eyes at the feeders in your garden or in the park. It is […]


Birding 101 – starts now.

Skydiving by Gerard (Flickr)

by Gunnar Engblom on January 2, 2013

Jumping! We are the end of the intros and the beginning of the start. I am about to present the plan of the e-book and the blog series that will build it. ┬áIn a way it feels like I imagine parachuting feels like. A great abyss below me and I still jump – hoping the […]